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BlockChain, CryptoCurrency and the Future with Ameer Rosic of BlockGeeks and Brad Hart of MMM

Ameer Rosic is a successful entrepreneur, investor, and blockchain evangelist. His company BlockGeeks is an online hub about the rapidly evolving world of blockchain technologies.

Listen in to learn how blockchain and cryptocurrency are impacting the future, and how you can get in on the action.

BlockChain, CryptoCurrency and the Future with Ameer Rosic of BlockGeeks and Brad Hart of MMM

Time stamped show notes:

[2:24] Blockchain is…

[3:04] Alan Turning was the first one to do BlockChain.

[4:14] Safety of BlockChain

[5:00] Future of BlockChain

[5:50] Scaling of BlockChain

[8:00] Mining BitCoin

[9:23] Holding the future of BlockChain

[10:36] Bitcoin: Currency or Investment?

[12:06] Use of token

[13:36] Bitcoin can potentially save the economy from future economy crashes.

[16:35] Bitcoin has a better investment portfolio than Apple.

[17:12] Brad has a Bitcoin course.

[18:10] Bitcoin can change and possibly fix our economy.

[18:40] Bitcoin is the Wild Wild West for investing.

[19:43] How can Bitcoin bring power back to the people?

[20:34] Improvement of society through AI and Bitcoin

[21:40] Scarcity

[23:00] Technology never solves anything

[24:20] Scarcity helped tribes survive. We are globally connected and dependent now.

[26:06] Ability Issues vs. Belief Issues

[27:03] Spending more time in creation mode

[28:40] Social Media’s eradication of isolation

[29:36] Private companies are not communist.

[30:50] Taking ownership of your data

[32:26] Free Speech Communication

[33:30] Bitcoin can be used to survive, Venezuelans

[35:26] Preventing Bitcoin from being used for evil

[36:22] People will find a way to meet their need, for good or for bad.

[39:40] Making legal or illegal

[41:30] Governments will adopt cryptocurrency as a currency.

[42:28] Reading the crypto market

[44:01] Speculating on demand and supply

[45:00] Compromisation of Bitcoin

[48:00] Bitcoin is all different and unique.

[49:14] Regulatory Risk

[51:20] Fallacies of Bitcoin

[52:20] Too good to be true

[53:40] Rule of Start-ups

Three key points:

  1. Block Chain and Bitcoin’s effect on the economy and society
  2. Isolation and Scarcity
  3. The potential downsides of Bitcoin

Resources mentioned:

Brad’s Crypto Course