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The Startup’s Secret Weapon: Alex Lavidge on Psychometrics and Data Driven Growth

Picture this: you have everything you need for your business. The market is asking for your product, your team is full of hungry and motivated individuals, and you even have a cool theme song picked out for the party you'll throw after you make your first million dollars. Everything is ready to go…until you find out you'll be short on capital.

So what should you do? Listen to Alex Lavidge and find out. He is a household name in the venture capital world, and he shares with us the best ways to inspire confidence from your investors.

You might not have the experience to catch the eye of venture capitalists or even coworkers, but you can show them the proof of data. Alex will show you how, right now. Listen in and change the way you look at startups, entrepreneurship and investing forever.

The Startup's Secret Weapon: Alex Lavidge 0n Psychometrics and Data Driven Growth

Time stamped show notes:

[0:20] Long time no see

[3:00] Silicon Valley lit Alex Lavidge’s soul on fire

[3:52] The South East has potential to be the next Silicon Valley

[4:24] The more you have runway as an entrepreneur the more likely you are to have success

[6:14] Getting those with big wallets to help make a difference in the world

[7:22] Smart business is about making the best outcomes

[9:14] You need your project or idea to be scalable

[12:10] With metrics and numbers, you help your investors see your dream is possible

[13:05] Your investors want to hear “all I need is money”

[14:36] Investors don’t need to understand the science. They just need to get that it will make a difference in the world and help them personally as well.

[15:02] Team work vs. product market

[16:23] Success in life can be boiled down to your steps

[18:58] Start-up F.A.R.T.S. (Fire Aim Ready Trash Start over)

[20:20] Inflection Points

[24:19] Is there really an “X” amount of failures we need to go through to reach success?

[26:36] Slowing down before you speed up

[27:28] Stop chasing, start attracting

[29:20] Unicorn chasers vs. Zebra collectors. Who’s more effective?

[32:30] We’re changing the world

[33:40] Master yourself and you are supreme

[35:13] You have to take care of your body and spirit

[37:32] When we’re at our best, we attract others at their best

[44:14] Helping Alex with the start-up experts

[47:23] Don’t just hit the ground running when you can instead save money and time

[48:47] Ready, Fire, Aim

Three key points:

  1. Getting your investors to see your idea’s potential for change and reduce their risk.
  2. You can have a great team, but if there is not a market for your product, then you’re not going to be going anywhere soon.
  3. We all need to laugh at each others’ mistakes, analyze them, and learn from them.

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Get in touch with Alex Lavidge:

Twitter: @AlexLavidge

Facebook: Alex Lavidge

Last question:

Getting in touch with people doing startup companies. Alex has a vision for getting a battalion of people in startups connected so they can all share experiences with one another. Alex wants us all to grow together and personally improve as well. There’s a lot of potential for helping each other help more people in this world.