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Advice on Facebook

Time stamped show notes:

Sylvia is the founder of the Becker-Hill Women's Empowerment School. She's been an executive coach for over 21 years. She's in the process of transforming her business from brick and mortar to the online world. She's grateful for her courage. 

03:07 Challenge: Who has been active in any form of Facebook group? Launched a group for female leaders, but the vision is to make it really valuable; world-wide networking. What makes a Facebook group really valuable so you are eager to check it out daily, eager to engage, eager like, comment, etc. 

04:22 Suggestion: Check out Women Helping Women Entrepreneurs. It's listed in Forbes, and has 180K members, all over the US. The tactics they use to keep everybody engaged are really great. Highest engagement rate of all groups on Facebook.

04:44 Suggestion: Joanna Novello. Join Brad Newman's group, Sales Coaching for Entrepreneurs. Watch everything that Joanna Novello does. She is the best community manager right now. Runs Experience and Magic. 

05:26 I want people to say, wow, Sylvia really over delivers. 

05:38 Suggestion: I'm active in a few groups, for different reasons. One, to get information that I want. Two, to help people. 

06:42 Suggestion: I'm in a Facebook group that's super active, because we do in-person events. They use tracts; launch tract, scale tract, impact tract. We do Zoom calls, and we get to know each other. Paid program. 

07:49 I want to keep the group free, but ultimately use it as part of my funnel. 

07:53 Suggestion: My friend just opens his Zoom channel, and tells people it's open. He doesn't even man it. Amazing stuff happens all the time. 

08:39 Suggestion: Check out The Branding Queen, Desi Slava Dobreva. 

Three Key Points:

  1. People engage in Facebook groups to get information and to help others.
  2. Watch the experts, like Joanna Novello and Desi Slava Dobreva.
  3. Learn from successful groups.