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Make More Marbles

Here’s What Make More Marbles Is All About

Fellow entrepreneur, if you’ve ever found yourself wondering:

“How can I bring more abundance into my life?”
“How can I invest for my future, while not sacrificing in the present?”
“How can I build a business that supports myself, my family, and my dreams?”
“How can I build a lifestyle that allows me freedom to pursue what I love?”
“How can I do work I’m ferociously passionate about, and has me excited to get out of bed each morning?”
“How can I have people lining up to work with me?”
“How do I meet my heroes, attract world-class mentors, and build an expansive network?”
Brad, and his Marble Making team are here to help entrepreneurs such as yourself bring your ideal world to life through our systems for messaging, masterminding, and mentorship.
Here’s the deal:
We believe Marble Makers like you who want to create abundance, solve big problems, and live passionately must become knowledgeable about how to maximize the most precious resources at your disposal: Time, Energy, Attention, and Money.
You must understand how to create simple, elegant solutions, and how to scale those solutions to help more people than you ever thought possible.
You must train your brain to effortlessly form basic, simple habits to spot and capitalize upon opportunities while minimizing risks.
But, all of this is irrelevant if you haven’t mastered the “softer skills” of:
>>> Relationship building
>>> Emotional intelligence
>>> Living in a spirit-based consciousness
All of which boils down to mastering your ego.

Make More Marbles Founder Brad Hart is…

…part of a tribe of abundant-minded creators who are changing the way that business is being played.
—> Instead of pouring energy into focusing on the problem, we bring solutions to the table.
—> Instead of grabbing for the marbles that are already there, we’re shifting our focus to creating more.
As an experienced entrepreneur, investor, trader, advisor, and mentor to people who want more from their life, Brad has mentored thousands of entrepreneurs and investors, built a hedge fund that returned 106% net of expenses in 2013, has been featured multiple times in Forbes (as well as several popular blogs like The Four-Hour Workweek). His articles have been read over 1,000,000 times.
Brad is a sought after speaker, thought leader, and exchanges radical ideas with heavy hitters in multiple industries. After building (and helping to build) several successful ventures in various industries (trading, real estate, etc.), Brad has refocused on what he loves most: Building businesses, managing wealth, mentoring entrepreneurs, coaching incredible humans, and helping others to create abundance in their lives.
Driven by a belief that the “how,” or “strategy” behind achieving mastery and growth becomes clear only when you become clear on your outcome, finding your strengths, key emotional drivers, and purpose, Brad operates his business and life by the motto that “the right mindset produces the right strategy.”
But, the right strategy with the wrong mindset is worthless.
Because, one thing remains constant in our modern world.


All value in the world is derived from solving people’s problems, and there’s certainly an abundance of problems. These problems are your opportunity to provide value to the world – thus increasing your influence, impact, income, infrastructure, and investments.
Now, that doesn’t make it easy.
Because if your mindset is in the wrong place, driven by a selfish mission, your “right” strategy will never quite hit the mark. Opportunity is a moving target. If you try to aim at a moving target, instead of leading it, you will miss.
It’s not always in your control, either. That’s why you have to be ahead of the game. You have to focus on the things you can control, and be really clear on what you want, and why you want it. From there, the action steps fall into place.
That’s why at Make More Marbles, we choose to focus on nurturing abundance.
We focus not on what we don’t have, but what we do.
We focus on the real drivers of success.
Which means being clear on our outcomes and purpose, taking action, remaining persistent and consistent, solving problems, and growing the tribe of Marble Makers.
We will help you learn to think like a successful person, so that you can become one. None of this “just do ‘X’ and you’ll be supercoolawesome too!!!” sleaze. This is not a rah-rah, hippy-dippy mindset. We're committed to helping you crush your goals, and destroy anything that holds you back from living the life you deserve.

We’re going to help you:

***Identify the burning problems that plague you and the people around you.
***Brainstorm ideas that will solve real problems.
***Create simple and elegant solutions, then bring them into the world.
***Help you create systems to scale your time, energy, finances, and ultimately reach more people than you ever thought possible.


Because I believe that everyone has it within them to be an entrepreneur, because everyone has the ability to be an agent for change. Your gifts are capable of changing the world, and I want to help.
Are you ready to go on this journey together to work on yourself, and become an agent for change?
To master yourself, your ego, and become more powerful than you possibly can imagine?
It all begins by taking the first step towards becoming a Marbles Making Machine (it’s free, and awesome).

As an exclusive member of the Make More Marbles tribe, you’ll get instant access to:

*Up-to-date tactics, strategies and insights from NYT best-selling authors, successful entrepreneurs and investors, and yours truly.
*Daily emails jam-packed with valuable lessons to help your business grow, foster abundance, increase your productivity, and challenge your thoughts.
*Invitations to collaborate on projects that have the power to change the world.
Make More Marbles is a thriving community of entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and executives, or Marble Makers as we call them, who want to become more… more successful… more productive… more free… more persuasive… and more effective.

What does it mean to be a Marble Maker?

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Marble Makers all share one common trait:

You believe in abundance. You rise above your competition, and avoid scarce, negative thinking. You are a powerful collaborator and co creator. You build up those around you. Your replace self-limiting beliefs with ones that serve you better.
Instead of grabbing for the marbles that are already there, you focus on Making More Marbles.
You believe in giving until it hurts, receiving all the rewards born from your consistent effort.
You know time is of the essence, and your ultimate goal is to leave the world better than they found it.
You are part of this Marble Making journey, and we’re all on it together.
I’m here to call you to action, to challenge you to step up, to guide you towards becoming the leader that you are, and your best possible self.
As for the best way for you to begin your Marble Making journey?
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