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A no is not a failure

Time stamped show notes:

Susanne helps executives and entrepreneurs avoid the agony of the blank page by writing their content – blog content, case studies, origin stories, eBooks, etc. She's thankful for the live chat app she just found for her website. It's free! Tawk.to 

01:50 Challenge: I have work that comes and goes. I have one really good anchor client. I would love to have another anchor client. I'm much more long-form than I am copy writing. I'm not looking for landing pages. I'm looking for a book. My price point is $12K for 16 hours a month for 3 months. I have nine published books; I know the game, publishing in NY or self-publishing. My ask is if anybody knows anybody, let's network!

03:13 Question: What if they've written the book? Can you help them get self-published if they've already written it? 

03:19 I can. I can help them figure out their audience, and how to reach that audience. If the book is already published and out, and it's and old book, meh. It's best if it's a new book. If you can say it's a new book, that will help with marketing. People are attracted to novelty. 

04:01 Question: What communities of authors of influencers are you connected with currently, that might be able to trade leads for referral fees? Or something like that.

04:18 Suggestion: Chandler Bolt runs a self-publishing school. So I'd leverage a situation where he throws you some clients. 

04:44 What I found with organizations that would throw me work, is they take a lot of the margin. 

04:58 Question: Is that there fault? Or is that more like the negotiation didn't go your way? 

05:11 Suggestion: Educate them on the work that goes into it and negotiate for yourself. 

06:14 Question: Are there Facebook Groups that are focused on this, where people network? 

06:36 LinkedIn groups are kind of dead. Facebook groups have a better platform and tech.

Three Key Points:

  1. Consider trading leaders for referral fees.
  2. LinkedIn groups are dead, look to Facebook.
  3. Go to bat for yourself; when you’re negotiating, assert your worth.