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How to Debut Your Podcast at #2 on iTunes with Christian Rodwell

Have you ever wondered what it takes to launch a successful podcast on iTunes?

Today we have on the show Mr. Christian Rodwell, the host of the Escape The Rat Race podcast, which debuted at #2 on iTunes, right behind the 800 lb gorilla of podcasting, Tim Ferriss.

Check out the show notes below, and thanks for checking out the podcast!

How to Debut Your Podcast at #2 on iTunes with Christian Rodwell

Time stamped show notes:

[0:20] Introduction to Christian Rodwell
[01:40] What he’s [Christian] excited about right now?
[3:06] Lifestyle change from moving to Portugal from the UK
[4:43] Do things that don’t scale. Always overdeliver. Focus on 1%
[5:17] How to schedule week to increase productivity.
[5:35] We all have different strengths
[06:20] Focus on things you don’t want to do first
[6:41] Outsource the building of your team
[7:25] Leverage people and their skills
[7:45] Nothing of great merit has been done alone
[9:36] Focus on this when making a deal: What value can you provide?
[10:19] Don’t try to be someone you’re not. Follow your flow.
[11:38] What Christian has achieved through community building. How he became the #2 podcast.
[14:38] Record 4 podcasts episode and launch them at the same time. Leverage following
[15:03] Don’t be afraid to reach out to people
[17:21] Take a small step to move forward.
[18:56] Brand vision 5 years into the future.
[19:14] All personal development begins with a vision.
[20:07] There’s nothing that can stop you other than yourself
[21:15] His vision: be a place where people can share, connect, etc.
[23:45] Hire mentors. Humans are wired to grow and then lead and teach others.
[24:19] Recommendations to someone who wants to live life as a creator of circumstance
[25:40] Step #1 to achieve lifestyle: get clear on your values and what really excites you and what you’d like to do if money was no object
[26:13] Step #2 to achieve lifestyle: Get clear on what you’re great at and what gets you into flow
[26:42] Step #3 to achieve lifestyle: making sure your finances are in order
[27:20] Step #4 to achieve lifestyle: control fear
[27:40] Step #5 to achieve lifestyle: focus.
[32:35] 3 things that people can focus on that would make certain that they’re trending to success
[35:15] #1 Having a mentor is the best thing to help you focus and stay on track
[35:40] #2 Staying organized
[37:20] #3 Reflect on the day and write those thoughts down
[37:52] The quality of your questions is the quality of your life
[39:11] Three D’s: Do it. Dump it. Delegate it
[39:27] Dream catcher – a folder for great ideas. Come back to it once a month.
[40:10] Three D’s questions: Was it a great idea? Can we do something about? Can someone else do it?
[41:53] Trials and tribulations Christian has gone through
[47:39] When you do something that is your passion it shines through and you attract people
[47:52] The more niche, the better. Less crowded.
[53:47] Get clear and comfortable with yourself

Three key points:

Focus on things you don’t want to do first.
Leverage people and their skills
Three D’s: Do it. Dump it. Delegate it.

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If you want to connect on social with Christian, you can do so here and here
For his business, go here:

Thanks for watching!

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