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The Winning Mindset and Strategies Every Entrepreneur Needs to Gain Momentum with Alex Charfen

What do you think about entrepreneurs, eh?

Perhaps you are one or are contemplating becoming one in the near future. Regardless of which ship you're in at the moment, by the end of this podcast will you will already be in the  entrepreneurial speed boat to being where you want to be in your own life.

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The Winning Mindset and Strategies Every Entrepreneur Needs to Gain Momentum with Alex Charfen


Time Stamped Show Notes:

[:50] Introduction to Alex Charfen

[3:20] How entrepreneurs are labeled

[4:24] Understanding why entrepreneurs face so much pressure and noise

[4:56] Vast majority of the world clings to status quo

[5:12] Why entrepreneurs face so much internal conflict

[5:30] Entrepreneurs are more in flow with life and creation

[6:02] Four types of people in the world – Evolutionary Tribe

[9:24] Entrepreneurs are the hunters – “evolutionary hunters”

[10:32] Kids don’t have learning disorders, schools have teaching disorders

[12:14] Entrepreneurs hard wired differently [labeled as ADD, ADHD, etc.]

[13:00] History has taught that people who don’t fit in are brilliant

[13:34] What’s the path for people who want to create something?

[13:54] Wealth Dynamics – good at ideas, people, timing or numbers

[14:20] Happy solopreneur that makes money is a myth

[15:23] Collaboration trumps competition to build a better future

[15:45] Most people who are coaching to be successful haven’t achieve success

[16:07] No framework or structure to the market – no basis

[16:23] Success is not as easy as coaches sell

[17:02] Entrepreneurs are setting goals that they can’t build a connection to

[18:11] The simpler you can make something the faster we go

[18:25] What entrepreneurs need is to get into momentum

[20:15] Entrepreneurs need to be on the hun

[22:20] Third state: full constraint

[24:36] If entrepreneurs lose perspective, the body hits a panic button/fight or flight

[24:58] First thing you must focus is controlling the pressure and noise

[25:35] Hydrated entrepreneurs equal successful entrepreneurs

[28:02] If you don’t have a routine you’re setting yourself up to fail

[30:17] Entrepreneurs need a clear outcome

[30:33] Entrepreneurs don’t learn anything with research or working alone

[30:57] Entrepreneurs are capable of the same earning potential as a pro athlete

[36:17] To entrepreneurs who are starting: find something you can do

[36:35] Figure out who matters enough to you that you’ll do anything for them

[37:24] Fall in love with a population you want to serve

[43:11] There are factions out there that want to eliminate entrepreneurs

[44:02] Entrepreneurs are highly adaptable

[44:51] Lower pressure

[45:48] increase protection & support – ask for help

[48:01] if you lower pressure & noise you can accomplish more


Three key points:

  1. Entrepreneurs are built different
  2. Take care of your body. Don’t believe in the glorification of the hustle.
  3. Solopreneur success is a myth. Build a support system.


Resources mentioned:

Wealth Dynamics

Freemomentumbook.com – Alex Charfen’s book


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