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Make More Marbles

Dorie Clark is a marketing strategy consultant, professional speaker, and frequent contributor to the Harvard Business Review.

Her passion is to help others take control of their professional lives and make an impact on the world.

Listen in to learn more about marketing and timeless lessons about business success.

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Damion Lupo is a sought after financial consultant for high profile private clients. Using a vast depth and breadth of knowledge on financial markets, money psychology and unconscious pattern motivation, he’s an expert at quickly assessing hidden financial cancers and holistically healing his clients and organizations through awareness, empowerment, and vision development.

His mission is to inspire and empower every willing soul toward financial freedom and abundance through lessons, insights gained from 20 years of martial arts study, trench warfare, and financial training wealth creation.

Listen in to learn how to succeed financially in your business.

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David Heinemeier Hansson is the creator of Ruby on Rails, founder and CTO at Basecamp, a best-selling author, a Le Mans class-winning racing driver, a public speaker, a hobbyist photographer, and a family man. Being a dynamic entrepreneur with many talents, he has a lot of great experience and insights.

Listen in to learn some valuable lessons to enhance your entrepreneurial journey.

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Kelli Richards is a trusted advisor to entrepreneurs, innovators, and creatives who have a bent for changing the world.

Driven by ideals of collaboration and contribution, she's dedicated to tapping into what makes people unique and helping them obliterate barriers that are currently stopping them from gaining massive success in all areas of their lives.

Listen in to learn more about Kelli and the importance of trust and timing.

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Traci Bogan is the world’s first Dreampreneur and leading expert on goal mastery.

She empowers audiences worldwide to set, commit to, and achieve their goals, fulfill their dreams, and live with purpose. She is on a mission to transform a million “Dreamers” into Dreampreneurs!

Listen in to learn how to sets goals and live your best life!

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James Swanwick is a successful entrepreneur, investor, and motivational coach who helps people achieve health, wealth, love, and happiness.

Through his 30 Day No Alcohol Challenge, he helps social drinkers reduce or quit alcohol to get better looks, sleep, energy, clarity, relationships, and fat loss. He also co-founded Swanwick Sleep, which educates people on the importance of quality sleep for optimal health and designed the Swannies blue-light blocking glasses.

Listen in to learn how James has built several multiple 7 figure businesses!

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Guy Ferdman is a modern-day shaman and co-founder of Satori Prime. He's a spiritual truth-sayer whose warrior spirit merges ancient wisdom with modern practicality against the backdrop of everyday life.

In the past, Guy has helped thousands of entrepreneurs in more than 23 countries launch their businesses online. The essence of his work has always been to coach people to profound breakthroughs at lightning speed.

Listen in to learn more from Guy and his take on the future of personal development.

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Nancy Duarte is an expert in presentation design and principal of Duarte, where she has served as CEO for 21 years. Nancy speaks around the world, seeking to improve the power of public presentations.

She believes that ideas are the most powerful tools people have. Her passion is to help every person learn to communicate their world-changing ideas effectively.

Listen in to learn from Nancy's success!

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Stephen Key is a successful entrepreneur, award-winning product artist, bestselling author, and renowned intellectual property strategist. He is also the cofounder of inventRight, a company that helps people license their ideas.

He has licensed dozens of ideas over the past 35 years that have sold in Walmart, 7-Eleven, and Disney stores and theme parks worldwide, as well as been endorsed by Michael Jordan, Alex Trebek, and Taylor Swift.

Listen in to learn Stephen's simple strategies for success!

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For more than two decades, Tim Harris has been a leader in the real estate industry, first as a top producing agent and now as the nation’s most sought after real estate coach. Through his experience and success, he has learned what it takes to change your life and increase your profit.

Listen in to learn Tim's rules for success.

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