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Make More Marbles

When you lack the assets to overcome the money blocks in your business you have to choices: borrow someone else's money or borrow someone else's successful beliefs. In case you were wondering, borrowing beliefs is less expensive.

Robyn Crane wants to let you in on how your business can borrow more success than borrowing debt from bank's and friends. We hope you enjoy this podcast and thanks for listening fellow marble maker.

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How do you become the biggest known brand in your business? Well hiring a hit team to take out all other competition would certainly make that happen pretty now wouldn't it?

But what if there was a better, and more ethical, way to get your brand known?

Johnathan David Lewis has that better way, it's cooperation and it quite possibly could save your business and the circle of businesses around you to. If this sparks your interest we invite you to listen in on this knowledge-packed conversation. Listen in, don't call that hit team, and jot down a note or two. [click to continue…]

Have you ever heard of Contrarian Succes? In basic terms it's success defined from a different standard than the rest of the populus, and could potentially just what your company needs to make more marbles.

Listen in as Eric Barker tells us about how our definitions of success and our use of self-compassion over self-confidence can determine our success in the physical world. [click to continue…]

What do you think is more important to sell a product? Your success or your failure?

Your success will show your product is able to help them of course. BUT your failures help them know it can help them.

Trevor Crane and Brad Hart are here to help us balance broadcasting our weaknesses and presenting our successes to prove our product's salt. Listen to see how your vulnerability can be one of your greatest sources of revenue!

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Influence is something that can make or break our businesses. With the words we use, our price points, and even colors and fonts we are able to INFLUENCE our buyers that what our companies' offer is what they need.

Today we have the amazing opportunity of listening to how Shari Alexander became so influential in her line of work and how this can apply to your company as well. Thanks for choosing Make More Marbles and enjoy this podcast! [click to continue…]

Do you have good credit? Can you spend wisely on your credit cards, pay on time and stick to your plan?

Here's what I recommend.

Set up an LLC for your business if you haven't already.

Start building up your business credit. Apply using your EIN and company name, NOT your SSN. They won't give you much at first, but over the years you'll get a lot. I've been in business since 2010 with the same LLC, and have been working up my lines of credit since.

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For most of my life, I lived in my head.

Ever since I was a little kid, I had honed my mind into a survival mechanism.

I learned early on that emotions could betray you and cause you to be in for some pain.

Being bullied for being sensitive, and getting it worse for crying was the way the world taught me to use my head and deaden emotion whenever it came up.

I would medicate my feelings with alcohol and drugs. Numb out. Feel nothing.

Cold hard logic was the only thing I could trust. In fact, anyone who lived in their emotions or in their heart, was weak and not disciplined.

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Retirement sneaks up on you the later on in life you get when you're so tired it's almost hard to enjoy you're newfound freedom. Now just imagine getting the drop on it before you hit your 20s. Free to take all the trips, eat all the foreign cuisine, and be with your family as you heart desires.

Meet Diego Corzo, the man who is positioned to retire before his 30th birthday. Diego and Brad want to talk to us on how we can achieve this goal for ourselves and reach financial freedom. Click below to listen in to this amazing conversation and thanks for coming to our page!

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“I wish I had 10 life times just because there are SO MANY business opportunities”. This is an exact quote from Tucker Max, a little bit different than the “world economics crashing down” we're accustomed to hearing on the news isn't it?

Tucker Max and Brad Hart want to let you in on how you can find an untapped market place

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We've all heard how it goes, you are what you eat.

Well then if what we are is what we eat then that means we're all dying.

Listen in to Jason Green and Brad discuss the deficit of nutrients in the food we are consuming and how you can use this to potentially take control in the food market.

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