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Make More Marbles

Geoffrey Woo got his computer science degree from Stanford University. After learning how to reprogram computers and rewire them, he got bored and decided that rewiring the human brain was way more fun.

Since Geoffrey's switch from computers to humans, he has co-founded the human-enhancement company HVMAN, a human enhancement company. HVMN created HVMN Ketone, the world's first ketone ester drink, Go Cubes chewable coffee, and Nootrobox nootropic stacks. HVMN also organizes WeFast, one of the largest online biohacking and intermittent fasting communities.

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Lynn Perkins, CEO of UrbanSitter, knows a thing or two about success and leadership.

Having worked for several startups, she used what she learned to build UrbanSitter, the revolutionary word-of-mouth babysitter search. Her company first launched in one city and has now expanded to more than 60 cities nationwide. It provides access to more than 150,000 caregivers and connects parents with a babysitter in three minutes or less.

Listen in and learn how Lynn has used her startup experience to become an innovative leader and successful entrepreneur.

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Anthony “iLLvibe” Craparotta is a successful rap artist who's performed alongside big names like Chris Brown and Wiz Khalifa. By experiencing the ups-and-downs of the music industry, he's developed a unique philosophy on relationships and giving.

He doesn't agree with how our society defines “business”: exchanging of goods or services for the most valuable currency, normally money. Instead, he believes that relationships are the most valuable currency.

While your business and industry may be quite different from Anthony's, this podcast is full of useful marbles to add to your own bag.

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Floyd Marinescu is the founder of InfoQ, and he is passionate about creating opportunities for everybody to become the entrepreneurs they want to be.

Floyd believes that Universal Basic Income (UBI) will be the next step in not only making basic necessities more readily available but will help in cultivating more ideas and increase people's willingness to invent and take risks.

We hope you enjoy this show and apply what you learn to your own life.

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Overcoming addiction is one 0f the most challenging things we can do, and helping other people beat addiction can be just as difficult.

But Cam Adair has done both. He conquered his video game addiction and then helped thousands of other people do the same.

He was able to use his own personal experience with addiction to connect with others and help them with their addictions. He even created a coaching program to build a massive following and help more people.

Listen in and see what you can learn from our good friend Cam Adair!

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Jon plunged headfirst into entrepreneurship after a sailing trip with the founders of the technology company Oracle.

Ever since then, he hasn't been able to stop adding value to the technology industry through his numerous software startups. With all of his technology experience, Jon has some good insight on what the future holds for marketing in the tech industry and how we can, as Brad Hart says, lead the target before we shoot.

Listen in to learn how to get a leg up in the tech industry and how to find the next big investment or industry with the most promise.

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If you were to imagine a leader, you might think of a king, president, CEO, or influential person.

However, if we broaden our scope of what a leader truly is, it might cause you to think of people in your life who made a significant impact on you. For example, you might think of a parental figure who taught you how to earn respect from your peers.

Teaching somebody how to lead an entire country or business is not easy. That is why Ayla Schlosser uses her leadership exercises to help others become the best leaders they can be. More specifically, Ayla's strives to help women in East Africa become leaders in their communities.

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Want to learn something you've never heard before?

Plants don't want to be eaten.

Say what??? Crazy, right?

(If you have heard that before, we're sorry we didn't blow your mind. To make it up to you, we'll give you a half-priced ticket to come see Tony Robbins here. Sorry again for not knocking off your socks.)

Dr. Steven Gundry is a food and nutrition expert. He knows what our bodies need in order to perform and function at optimal levels.

To learn how to use food to fuel your body, listen in to this enlightening conversation between Brad and Dr. Gundry.

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Very recently, I had the honor of asking thousands of solopreneurs and entrepreneurs just like you what they were struggling with the most.

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Picture this: you have everything you need for your business. The market is asking for your product, your team is full of hungry and motivated individuals, and you even have a cool theme song picked out for the party you'll throw after you make your first million dollars. Everything is ready to go…until you find out you'll be short on capital.

So what should you do? Listen to Alex Lavidge and find out. He is a household name in the venture capital world, and he shares with us the best ways to inspire confidence from your investors.

You might not have the experience to catch the eye of venture capitalists or even coworkers, but you can show them the proof of data. Alex will show you how, right now. Listen in and change the way you look at startups, entrepreneurship and investing forever.

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